Ugh Hal Jordan is white! So that’s not whitewashing.

Hal Jordan is white, but the Green Lantern who is most familiar to the mass audiences that movies are supposedly trying to capture is John Stewart, pictured on the left. 

Yeah. John Stewart has been the Green Lantern in pretty much every DCAU production. In making Hal the star of the movie, they pretty much did exactly what John has complained of in the comics – everyone deeming him the “Black one” and Hal the default GL. 

Choosing Hal over John (and not putting him in a history montage or cameo) was very deliberate, and goes beyond wanting to do an origins story. 

Whitewashing isn’t limited to making characters white, but also includes choosing whose stories get to be told.

Can I get an AMEN on this.

Because we’re talking about comics.

Comics with multiverses and multiple iterations of many of their flagship characters.

So…y’know “Well, he’s the white GL” doesn’t actually fly.

Pretty much. They chose Hal Jordan, the uber-boring Green Lantern, instead of the awesomeness of John Stewart, which illustrates the other aspects of whitewashing. Doesn’t matter that Stewart is more popular. Nope. Let’s go with the white dude. This is why Hollywood will never be great. 

I cannot tell you how many non-comic book reading folks asked me “why is the GL guy white? isn’t he a black dude?” because all they know is John Stewart. Hal Jordan hadn’t appeared in any of the DC cartoons since Superfriends in the early 80s.  If the goal of these superheros flicks is to draw in non-fanboys, then why make GL the guy none of them know about?

That’s not Stepin Fetchit. It’s Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.

Not sure if I agree with the Green Mile example. Is it still the magic negro trope whent he character is pretty much blatently stated to be Jesus Christ?


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